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For over 30 years,

The Curly Hair Institute has been

Toronto's leader for Styling,

Treating, and Cutting Curly Hair.  

What we do isn't work, it's PASSION.


Our Services

From Cutting to Colouring and everything else in-between,

The Curly Hair Institute would be honoured to assist you with whatever you need to

make your curls beautiful, healthy, and manageable.

A Salon where you are celebrated for being unique

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Jonathan and his vast experience has made him a leader in the world of curly hair.  His innovative cutting and styling techniques as well as his passion for formulating products specifically developed for curly hair has made a difference in how we treat, style, and cut curls. 

Your hair says a lot about who you are. Your visit begins with a consultation to find a style that accentuates your personality, your face shape and your lifestyle.

We always check that your hair has all of the tools necessary for health, shine and texture.

We work with you to design a look that’s truly you. We’ll also teach you how to maintain it!


-Master of the Curl

Your hair is 90% of your selfie.  Follow us on Instagram!


My SECRET To Styling My Kids' Curly Hair | Curly Hair Product Review

My SECRET To Styling My Kids' Curly Hair | Curly Hair Product Review

Do your kids have curly hair!? If you are looking for secret tips and amazing products for your kids' curly hair routine, then this is the video for you! Learn how to detangle and manage those locks even more effectively and painlessly! We went straight to the master of curls at the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto for both of Carolina's daughters to get a curly hair makeover with their incredible collection of Kinder Curls curly hair products! We learned all the tips and tricks for how to detangle, style, cut, dry and manage curly hair - and what a difference it made! Watch this video to catch the before, after and everything in between to get these girls' blonde and red curls looking magical! Kinder Curl Products include: *Magic Mist Detangler - *Super Curls - *Creamy Curls - *Kinder Brush - *Kinder Curl Starter/Travel Pack - For more information on these products, check out Got any curly hair questions or comments - we would LOVE to hear! The Curly Hair Institute has a dedicated range of products especially for children, and they even offer Kiddie Hour every day from 9am-11am until the end of the summer where kids can come and get their hair treated, cut and styled for 20% off! For more on the Curly Hair Institute, click here: Kinder Curls' vision is "to spread the message of self-acceptance and to deliver products that help build confidence for all children with curly hair". And to that we say Amen! ABOUT MOMJO: Join Liat and Carolina - best friends, working moms, passionate travelers and foodies - on our journey to rediscovering our mojos. Momjo is more than a movement- it's a way of life. Our goal is to inspire, empower, motivate and entertain moms around the world to live their best life! What are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE now and JOIN US - :) **Weekly videos right here on YouTube and LIVE every Wed 9.15PM ET on FB/IG: @findingmomjo** Want to be a #momjomama? FOLLOW us on social media: * Facebook: * Instagram: * Website: To CONTACT US, please email: – we would love to hear from you!

Check out some of our fun salon videos below!

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